BMT Products

Clean Steam Generators

BMT  Steam Generators are designed to provide Pure or Clean Steam for all your sterilization  or humidification needs.  These units can be purchased as stand alone units to be used as a central source for multiple units or built-into a BMT sterilizer for a fully integrated solution.  BMT steam generators can be electrically heated or heated by plant steam.

  • 316L stainless steel pressure vessels
  • 316L stainless steel piping
  • Sanitary piping, connections and components
  • cGMP design and constructed
  • High grade non-proprietary components
  • All stainless steel frames and control boxes
  • Single or double tube-sheet construction
  • Industrial grade PLC controls

    Examples of Sizes of Clean Steam Generators (based on various plant steam pressures)

MODEL 100 psig
7 bar
80 psig
6 bar
65 psig
5 bar
CGS 250
250 113 170 77 90 40
CGS 500
500 226 340 154 180 81
CGS 1000
1000 453 680 308 360 163
CGS 1500
1500 680 1020 462 540 244
CGS 2000
2000 907 1360 616 720 326
CGS 3000
3000 1360 2040 925 1080 489
CGS 4000
4000 1814 2720 1233 1440 653
CGS 5000
5000 2268 3400 1542 1800 816

BMT Electric Clean Steam Generators are equipped with an ASME pressure vessel constructed from 316L stainless steel.
The units are designed in cGMP construction with sanitary tri-clamp connections, 316L stainless steel piping and sanitary components. The heating elements are of the highest quality, constructed of 316L stainless steel and connect to the vessel with sanitary connections. The heating elements require three phase voltage that can be specified at time of order. The units are equipped with an automatic timed blow–down system that carries impurities to drain. Feed water booster pump systems are available when feed water pressure is not available at required pressures. Available in many different configurations and capacities.

BMT Steam-to-Steam Clean Steam Generators utilize plant steam as the heating source to produce clean steam. The tube and shell heat exchanger is made from 316L stainless steel and can be built in single tube or double tube construction. The evaporator utilizes a wetted design that minimizes the temperature difference between the feed water and the heating steam which results in less stress on the evaporator tube sheet. Feed water booster pump systems are available when feed water pressure is not available at required pressures. Available in almost any capacity and need.