Sanitary Process and Mixing Vessels

BMT USA offers custom sanitary process and storage vessels to meet your exacting requirements. From basic single walled, non-jacketed stainless steel storage tanks to sophisticated bioreactor vessels, we can assist you in designing equipment that meets your process needs. Our vessels are designed and fabricated to meet 3A, FDA and USDA standards for the laboratory research, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Different processes require different surface finishes; we can provide from a standard 2B mill finish up to a 400 grit mechanically polished mirror finish with electropolishing.  In addition to all grades of stainless steel, we also supply vessels made from titanium and other special alloys.  BMT USA can assist you with:

  • Storage Vessels
  • Process/Mixing Vessels
  • Bioreactor Vessels
  • Horizontal or Vertical Tanks
  • Capacities from 1.5 to 6,000 gallons
  • Single or double-walled designs
  • Dimple or half-pipe heat exchange surface
  • Coded or non-coded vessels
  • Complete documentation packages

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