Laboratory Incubators and Stability Chambers

High-tech systems for incubation – both heating and cooling, humidity and light control – intended for use in research, development, production, business activities, or quality control. The sectional principle that applies to the design of laboratory ovens allows a wide range of optional equipment and accessories.

The basic model is available – depending on the oven type – in volume size range from 22 to 707 liters, with either natural or forced air circulation, natural heating and cooling, controlled humidity and controlled CO2 atmosphere. The incubators are produced in two levels of operation comfort – Standard and Comfort line.

The parameters inside the unit chamber are monitored and documented with the help of a PC, using a special SW WarmComm (optional equipment).

The laboratory incubators line meets the requirements of reproducibility and accuracy of temperature distribution and other parameters in laboratory incubators, derived form such quality standards like ISO 9000 or ISO/17025.

Our laboratory incubators comply with the requirements of operation in accredited or certified laboratories.

  • Chamber volume size: 22, 48, 55, 111, 170, 222, 404, and 707 liters
  • Temperature range: Form 5°C above the ambient temperature up to 99.9 °C
  • Two lines of the basic control automatics: Standard-line and Comfort-line
  • Wide range of optional equipment and accessories
  • Possibility of a printer or PC connection
  • Short delivery terms

The highest standard of processing

  • sive external paneling, valuable inner space, corrosion resistant stainless steel built in pieces ensure a long service life
  • well-thought-out with respect to the environment – all parts  are recyclable, thermal and noise emissions are reduced to minimum due to a perfect conception and insulation
  • worked-out door mechanics, space saving door opening by 90° minimizes space demands, also a left door opening is available on request
  • economical with continual operation – compact design  with easily accessible power and supply parts minimizes

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No technical information has been posted for this product.  Please check back soon.