BMT Products

Laboratory Dry Heat Ovens

BMT Forced Air Ovens utilize a patented air ventilation via a fan in a electrically heated chamber.  The patented thermodynamic spiral air flow ensures extremely tight temperature distribution within the working space.  The computer engineered air distribution plates ensure that the flow from the bottom up in a natural thermal screw motion simulates nature and results in optimum heating of materials and precise temperature regulation with minimum energy consumption.

The  Venticell oven provides very accurate temperature distribution within the chamber.  Due to the forced air the chamber and load heat up quickly.

A safe sterllization process is guaranteed with a special program, added instrumentation  and  the automatic sensing of door closure.

Vacuum Ovens

Features include:

  • 304 stainless steel chamber
  • Working temperature from 5°C to 250°C ( up to 300°C as option)
  • 5” of insulation for low heat radiation
  • Forced Air Flow for fast heat up
  • Easy open door latching system
  • Attractive look and design
  • Removable air distribution plates (no tools)
  • Two internal wire shelves included


Natural circulation ovens utilize noiseless low velocity, gravity air flow within the chamber. BMT natural circulation ovens are equipped with a two jacket design to ensure even air flow which enables accurate temperature distribution throughout the chamber. The microprocessor control system utilizes “fuzzy" logic control of the process to ensure rapid cycles with no over-shoot of the set temperature.

An economical solution for precise and reliable drying and heating where low velocity air flow is desired.

The  Durocell comes equipped with a highly resistant coating of EPOLON that protects the inner stainless steel chamber and surfaces from aggressive agents such as acids and solvents. The oven s are ideal for basic hydrolysis, extraction through incombustible substances and decomposition of substances at a solid phase.