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The Unisteri HP IL is a unique, compact, multipurpose steam sterilizer with chamber volumes of 2.5 ft3, 5.6 ft3 and 8.47 ft3 (73, 160 and 254 liters). It is designed to effectively sterilize all instrumentation, materials, textiles, rubber and plastics that are heat resistant. It is also suitable for media cultivation and sterilization of solutions.

If you require speed, reliability and the highest level of sterilization safety, then the Unisteri HP IL Sterilizer is the right choice. Widely used in hospital surgical wards and daily clinics, smaller central sterilization departments, emergency service centers, dentistry clinics, microbiological worksites, and laboratories.

  • Rapid, powerful, intelligent, state-of-the-art design
  • Large color touch screen operator interface
  • Double microprocessor control system for safety and reliability
  • Built-in printer and interface for PC connection
  • Safe semi-automatic swing door
  • Space saving - small footprint
  • Mobile – can be easily moved to another lab or space
  • Insulated chamber, doors and piping to save energy
  • Built-in vacuum pump with water saving device
  • Automatic adjustment of cooling water to reduce waste
  • Optional built-in stainless steel steam generator
  • Single-door or double-door pass-through type
  • Unlimited number of applicable programs
  • Built-in chip card for easy program storage
  • Flexible PT 100 sensor for safe sterilization of solutions
  • Allows validation according to EN 285:06 a EN ISO 17665-1:06


MODEL   UN 336 UN 336-2 UN 636-1 UN 636-1 UN 559-1  UN559-2
ft3 2.57 2.57 5.65 5.65 8.96 8.96
m3 73 73 160 160 254 254
WIDTH inch 12.5 12.5 13.78 13.78 20 20
mm 320 320 350 350 509 509
HEIGHT inch 12.5 12.5 26.4 26.4 20 20
mm 320 320 670 670 509 509
DEPTH inch 24.6 24.6 27.5 27.5 38.9 38.9
mm 625 625 700 700 990 990
WIDTH inch 23.6 23.6 27 27 33.5 33.5
mm 600 600 690 690 850 850
HEIGHT inch 59 59 68 68 68 68
mm 1500 1500 1720 1720 1720 1720
DEPTH inch 32 34 38 41 49 52
mm 805 860 967 1022 1247 1302
WEIGHT inch 617 639 904 926 1632 1654
mm 280 290 410 420 740 750


BMT Unisteri HP IL sterilizers are equipped with chambers made entirely of 316 stainless steel for superior durability. The automatic door-locking system makes for easy door opening and closing while ensuring safe, reliable operation. The offset door on the hinge side keeps the door away from the operator when loading the chamber.  The units can be equipped with a single door, or as a double door configuration for pass-through operation.

Piping Systems
Piping systems can be constructed from cost saving brass and copper, or corrosive resistant stainless steel with threaded or easily removable tri-clamp connections. Non-proprietary valves and components are selected for their reliability and availability to reduce down time.

Vacuum Pump
A two-stage water ring vacuum pump is equipped for silent operation and high performance. The vacuum system is equipped with a unique water saving circulation system which reduces water consumption by more than 90% from standard water ring vacuum pumps or water ejectors.

Control System
The Unisteri HP IL comes equipped with a double microprocessor control system which provides full automatic control of all the sterilizer functions. The double-microprocessors in a master/slave configuration, allows for independent checking of process data and double control for safety. The control system is equipped with a RS 232 port for connection to a PC or network and is mounted in a UL Listed NEMA12 panel.

An advanced 8.2” touch screen panel is provided for operator interface and allows cycle programming and indicates the sterilizer operating state. 

Twenty programmable cycles are available with a wide range of programmable parameters, which provides for a high degree of functionality and allows great freedom in designing cycles for various loads. 

The large 4.5” printer provides a digital printout of cycle progression and information including any fault statements during the entire cycle. At the end of the cycle the printer prints a graphic print of the cycle data. 

Steam Generator
As an option a 316Ti stainless steel electric clean steam generator can be equipped when building steam is not available and clean steam is desired. The system is fully integrated with the sterilizer controls and comes complete with a feedwater booster pump and a surge tank which preheats the feed water. A pretreatment system can be equipped where city water is to be used for feed water.

Optional Accessories
The Unisteri HP IL can be equipped with many different accessories and options from loading equipment to various types of cycles to fulfill just about any need.  Please contact our offices for further information.